Human Resource Department

Administration and Human Resources Development

Admin and HRD department is responsible for the strategic coordination and implementation of the University administrative and Human Resource Development matters in line with the University mission and vision.

The Department has the responsibility to oversee the management of Human Resource management function involving facilitation of employee resourcing, development and maintenance to be achieved through human resources planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection; orientation and induction; training and development; performance appraisal; compensation planning and remuneration; motivation, welfare, health and safety and employee relations.

Some key performance standards for the department include the following:
1. Demonstrate leadership in administration and HR Development matters.
2. Motivate and inspire staff towards good performance.
3. Effective alignment of administrative and HR policies for the realization of university mission and vision.
4. Timely provision of support services that make staff focused on performance target attainment.
5. High ability to contextualize University functional areas and provide supportive remedy.
6. Efficient and effective resource mobilization to support administrative and HR activities.
7. Progressive staff welfare programmes and policies in place.

Operations Division

Additionally the Administration and Human Resources Development department coordinates and implements administrative and Human Resource matters which includes maintenance, security, cleaning, catering, transport, registry and assets of the University. Under the operations, the department handles duties and responsibilities such as:
1. Ensuring all University assets such as buildings; equipment and premises are well maintained.
2. Maintaining the register of University assets, their status, and location.
3. Overseeing the general administration of the University assets, their logistics and utilization.
4. Coordinating and monitoring efficiency of support services /out- sourced services such as cafeteria, photocopying, security and cleaning services.
5. Ensuring high level standards of cleanliness is maintained at the University.
6. Co-ordination of University transport to provide efficient reliable quality and cost effective services.
7. Coordination of incoming & outgoing mail registry.
8. Monitoring communication systems (Telephone services) of the University and ensuring that they are in good working condition to efficiently serve the University clients.
9. Overseeing general repairs and maintenance of Furniture, and Equipment's.
10. Overseeing maintenance of a safe and secure work environment.
11. Ensuring that the all university offices, classes and the entire premises are well labelled for ease identification by clients.