ICT Department

Services offered by the IT department
The IT Department develops and maintains common IT infrastructure at the University and assists Faculties and Departments in organizing their own IT support and services. The IT Department offers support services for studies, teaching, research and administration. The services are offered around campus. Services include access toe-mail, computer labs, just to mention a few. Basic services are free of charge for those who have either student or personnel status at the University. To use the services, a user account is needed. All new students are automatically assigned a user account and an e-mail address. The account must be activated and it has to be renewed periodically.

Computer labs
There is a multitude of workstations as well as several terminals available at the computer labs. They are all connected to the local networks. The labs offer a great variety of application software, storage capacity as well as guidance and advice. Various applications can be used. These include text processing, e-mail readers, Internet browsers, graphics and desktop publishing, statistical analysis and many other programmes. The computer labs are usually open when the buildings are open, often between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

University networks
There is a network to which anyone who has an account at the University can join with his/her own (laptop) computer. No special software is needed. The connection to Internet and University network is authenticated with a web browser. All you need is a network adapter.

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