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  • The Deputy President, Dr. William Samoei Ruto and MUA Chancellor during the Graduation Ceremony of the class of 2019
  • Mohammed Gedi, the first PhD student together with His supervisors and the deputy president, Dr. William Ruto
  • MUA students career talk :Topic Employment opportunities
  • The Deputy President, Hon. Dr. William Samoei Ruto plants a tree at Kisaju campus as part of #GreeningKisajuInitiative at the 6th MUA graduation ceremony
  • Prof. Hopkins and Mr. Bob Munroe, a guest speaker, make an impromptu visit to the DML 904 PhD class





“The Chief Guest, Dr.Mukhisa Kituyi; Secretary General UNCTAD, Chairman, and members Board of Trustees, The Chairman and Members University Governing Council, The UGC members present, The Chairman and members of KIM Council, The Executive Director, KIM (Representing the Sponsor), The Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellors of other Universities in attendance, Members of the Senate and the University Management Board, The Graduating class of 2016, MUA students, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentleman, Good morning! It is with great honor that I welcome you all this morning to the 3rd Management University of Africa’s graduation ceremony. This is yet another milestone in the growth of this budding University now 5 years old. This is indeed an auspicious occasion for not only the graduating students but also to parents, spouses, lecturers, staff of the University, your employers for those in the industry, and the professional community. Each one of you has contributed immensely in shaping the lives of each of the graduates in one way (or another. Replace with-the other). This process began from the orientation phase, to lectures, extracurricular activities up to the final submission of examinations and projects. It is indeed an immense achievement and a defining moment in each of your lives. With this process, it is our belief that each one of you has been impacted personally, academically and professionally. The education process has instilled discipline in you, equipped you with requisite skills to undertake challenges, and most importantly has shaped each one of you to be better, effective, efficient, and transformational leaders and managers in your area of expertise. Congratulations to all of you!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Universities and institutions of higher learning are avenues for development, innovation, and cutting edge research that informs the development of programmes and policies in the industries and governments. With this background, MUA has set the platform for you to be game changers in the world of Management, Leadership, Governance, and Entrepreneurship. You are well equipped to be the changes that you would want to see in the business world and greater community you live in. My advice to you is, claim your spot in the industry and be counted among those who bring about change and reforms in their sectors. With the knowledge you have gained over the years, transform that into policy reforms, incubation projects, research and development activities, as well as programmes that promote employment, entrepreneurship, and best practices in Management and Leadership. Best practices in Management and Leadership are guarded and under guarded in the principles of efficiency and fair play. Corruption, bribery and ethnicity undermine these principles. Additionally, to those already employed in the industry or are self-employed, take this opportunity to partner and collaborate with MUA on projects, create attachment and internship opportunities for the younger generation, and also build capacity through trainings and short term programs. Moreover, take advantage of the fast growing field of

Technology and telecommunications. These have an immense ability to transform lives and communities and their (remove) ability to connect people across the World. Focus on technological innovations in terms of research and innovation so that MUA can be known for churning out experts in management and leadership who embrace technology for effective and efficient delivery of products and services. It would be such joy when we see our Alumni in the media as having transformed their organizations based on the knowledge they gained from MUA. The University has several programmes which you can be involved in even after you graduate. For instance, the Executive Capacity Development Programmes (ECDP) is responsible for building capacity through training and short courses. You may partner with the department as being delegates for the various courses, get tailor-made training courses for your organization or alternatively, participating as trainers and consultants. This partnership will foster growth for both the University ad you as an individual or your organization, and increase the revenue base for the University. The Development Fund is another programme you can partner with. This programme aims at supporting needy individuals to pursue an education and attain a degree through their “Save a Dream” initiative. You may participate as individuals, as an organization and as corporate sponsors. As Alumni, this is a great way to plough back into the University through creating scholarships and grants to support needy individuals. In this life, our worth is increased by the number of lives we touch by doing something greater than ourselves. Each one of us can contribute to attaining the Charter.

Each one of us can refer a sibling, a colleague, a friend to pursue an education at MUA just as you have done. This is because of the unique nature of our programmes and student centered earning. It is our hope that through you, we will grow in numbers and might and maintain the premier status not only in Kenya but also across Africa. To the University management, faculty and staff, thank you all sincerely for your hard work and commitment to making MUA the learning place of choice. Let us all continue to elevate the status and enhance the image of the University through publications, research, conferences and service to our communities and nations. It is through these initiatives that MUA will stand out amongst its competitors and becoming a force to reckon with in the area of quality University education. To the graduates, as you leave here today, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Let it not end here. Continue to enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills out there. Remember to uphold the utmost level of ethics, dignity and integrity in all you do. Let others see the difference in you.

Lastly, to all the graduating class of 2016, congratulations to you once again. Congratulations to your parents, spouses, friends, and relatives for standing with you through your entire journey. Most importantly, thanking the Almighty God for his grace and mercies upon all of us.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a ProsperousNew Year in 2017!’’