Vice Chanclellor's End of Year Speech



Dear Colleagues,


As we count down to 2015, let me thank God for seeing us through the year 2014, I also recognise and appreciate the incredible efforts and dedication you have exhibited throughout the year. Without doubt, most of us have shown good commitment to the University by portraying it in good light.

Let me begin by celebrating you all as an outstanding team and   appreciate people who have brought business to the University during the year. I wish to note and make special mention to some of the outstanding performance and services achieved in 2014 as follows:

  1. The University student population grew to 908 with new students growing from 321 in the year 2013 to 508 in 2014 this translated to our financial growth.
  2. The School of Management and Leadership has worked with The Commission for University Education who accredited three MUA academic programmes namely Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration and Master of Management and Leadership;
  3. We Managed to secure  5 scholarships for the Management University of Africa Staff and Students to pursue Master of Management and Leadership;
  4. We have been able to cut down on cost and some of you have had to teach extra units and we do recognise their commitment and efforts.
  5. The University registered a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, MUASCO for staff members, opened up penda health clinic for staff and students, effectively managed the staff medical cover scheme;   
  6. We managed to raise funds by prequalifying suppliers, staff referrals and some through consultancies.
  7. The University and the student’s body held a successful awards dinner in March 2014 and had a successful cancer awareness clinic in October 2014.
  8. The University successfully held an International Conference in October 2014 which was graced by high level plenary and paper presenters and at least 35 Kenyan Universities and affiliate institutions and 5 African Countries represented.
  9. The University held the Inaugural graduation ceremony in November 2014 with 278 graduates and 2 Honorary Doctorates awarded.

As we look forward towards the future, all we can say is that we have a bright future as MUA and this can only be done through team work and commitment and I believe we in MUA can successfully achieve the following;

  1. Increase in the student numbers and student intakes through a blended face to face and Open, Distance and E-learning modes (Target being 900 Students)
  2.  Improve customer service and retain our current clients.
  3. Always strive to offer quality service so as to remain competitive as a University of Choice.
  4. Diversify our revenue base through capacity development and research and also promote individual capacity of staff.
  5. Next year, we shall have SAVE-A-DREAM dinner organized by the University Council and Board of Trustees.
  6. We expect CUE to accredit our Master of Development Studies and Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Leadership in 2015.
  7. We shall seek to automate some of our operations
  8. We shall Partner and collaborate with like-minded Institutions build capacity in our area of core competencies namely Management, Governance, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
  9. Establish a research department to conduct disseminate and attract funding for the University.
  1. Work on the road map towards attaining the full Charter. This has a sole mandate of enabling the University achieve full Charter by September 2015.
  1. Develop infrastructural facilities both in South C and Kisaju.

As individuals we can make a difference let us all walk together in the year 2015. The University will continuously recognise and reward innovative and creative ideas. We need to note that the quality of outcomes within the University depend to a large extent on the quality of you as a staff.

I am immensely honoured to be counted among you as a colleague and deeply appreciate that you have done well this year and look forward to improved performance next year.

For now, we will take some time to relax and reflect on the meaning of Christmas as a time of giving, of happiness, of loving one another, of renewed hope. May the spirit of Christmas dwell with you all as we celebrate the end of another successful year for the Management University of Africa.

I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a very productive and healthy New Year.