Vice-Chancellor Speech During Alumni Dinner


OUR Guest of Honour, Mr. Peter Munyiri, Managing Director of Family Bank representing Titus Muya, the Founder of Family Bank,

Chairman Board of Trustees, and our Chief Guest tonight, Dr. Peter W. Muthoka, DML, EBS, MBS, FKIM, FKIB

Members of the Board of Trustees present,

Chairman, University Governing Council, Eng. Michael S.M. Kamau

Members of the University Governing Council,

Members of the Kenya Institute of Management fraternity,

Members of the Management University of Africa Alumni,

Staff and Students of the Management University of Africa,

Our esteemed guests and well-wishers,



It gives me great pleasure to host you tonight as you partner with us in this philanthropic initiative, as we endeavor to support needy and talented individuals achieve their dreams of realizing University education and eventually become the best citizens of the world.

 It is always said that learning and education is a partnership of mutual commitment to the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding therefore your support is vital if we are to continue producing invigorate economic and social development. MUA is committed to proactively provide quality and transformational management and leadership services to “industry” and society at large.  The University also seeks to develop competent, well trained and morally upright business leaders who will serve in various organizations and communities at large. Since its inception in 2011 the University prides itself in upholding high academic standards  and Our Academic programmes  are demand driven since we involve stake holders in the curriculum development to ensure that Our  programmes are geared towards producing graduates who are aware of societal expectation and modern realities. The distinct focus of The Management University of Africa (MUA) is to be the centre of excellence in capacity building in management, leadership, governance and entrepreneurship. MUA draws its authority and its strength from the practical experience and solid knowledge base that the sponsor, The Kenya Institute of Management, has built in Leadership and Business Management over the past decades. Currently we have six approved academic programmes by Commission for University Education (CUE), the most recent being the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management and Leadership. The University admitted the first cohort of the PhD programme in May 2015.

The University has strategic alliances and collaboration with like-minded institutions such as the University of South Africa (UNISA), the Institute of Chartered Public Secretaries of Kenya (ICSPK), the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) among others.

The University has also entered into collaborations with Penda Health to provide medical services to the students and staff of MUA. Currently the University has a very vibrant student population well of over one thousand, and we are proud to report that the University held its first  inaugural graduation ceremony on 28th November 2015. The MUA student fraternity enjoys membership to a well-represented student body, the Management University of Africa Student Association (MUASA). MUASA has had its constitution approved the MUA senate and is already fully operational.

We held a very successful international conference in November 2014 which featured guest speakers, researchers and exhibitors from South Sudan, the Republic of Chad, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania. The MUA library became the second best during the last Maktaba Awards contest. Establishment of the Distance Learning programmes as part of the modes of delivery of academic programmes offered by the school of Management and Leadership contributes to our growth.

Under the leadership of the University Governing Council, the Management University of Africa established an Endowment Fund in August 2014. The objective of the fund is to support talented, bright and gifted needy students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Kenya, Africa and the World to study and ‘Save their dreams’ at the Management University of Africa.

The fund has progressed well since inception. So far six (6) students have benefited as follows: 

(a) Five (5) students, all women, have benefitted through partial scholarships to pursue a Master of Management and Leadership degree programme.

(b) One (1) student, a man, has benefitted from the student led ‘Save a Dream’ fund raising initiative held in November 2014 to pursue Bachelor of Management and Leadership.

Today, the fund is targeting to raise Kenya shillings fifty (50) Million so as to facilitate more needy students realize their dreams at the Management University of Africa. Through your partnership we believe that we can make this happen today.

We recognize that Alumni are the heartbeat of any University since they play a critically important role in advancing the University’s vision and mission. A world class university is characterised by three factors; excellent students, excellent faculty staff and abundant resources. We therefore would like to utilize the excellent former students (Alumni) in supporting other needy students achieve University education.

Being the first group you have a huge responsibility of setting the pace. Your imagination of what MUA will be in the future will play a huge role in directing the development activities of the University.  I had the opportunity of listening to your representatives on 4th of June as they expressed great ideas in developing MUA. Today we officially hand over the portions of development that are relevant to you as we launch your existence as MUA Alumni.  Knowing your potentials, I have no doubt in my mind that you will get together and implement those ideas as we work together as a team to grow MUA for future managers and leaders of Africa.

We all know that our Alumni have the potential of being our most loyal and generous ambassadors. They are also often in positions to engage the expertise of our University in their professional lives, being our strongest ambassadors, locally and internationally.

We would like to leverage on this relationship to support our academic programmes, research activities and University endowment. For those amongst us who are heading various organizations both locally and within the region, the Management University Africa encourages you to consider sending your staff for training. We also invite you to come and give lectures on topical issues such as relations with innovators and entrepreneurs as they build sustainable businesses for sustainable national development. Such and many other creative projects will make MUA Alumni relevant and strong, going into the future.

I encourage the new officials to uphold the zeal that the interim committee started with since their election in the office.  Put all your efforts together so as to mobilize all members of Alumni and drive MUA to greater heights.  Your duty as Alumni officials is to mobilize the Alumni members and well-wishers to support the welfare and progress of MUA.  You all know that we have 80 acres of land in Kisaju, you can decide to build hostels there for students, or in groups you can decide to construct classrooms that would have your names engraved on them.  Later in life you will have the pride of a leader as you take friends to Kisaju and show them what you did for the community as you rekindle the memories of the time spent at your alma mater.

Recognizing the importance of research, MUA is determined to have a strong team of researchers in management and leadership in Africa including transformational research and carry out innovations that benefit the national social-economic and political trends of our society. MUA has embraced technology and knowledge transfer strategy, under such strategy, staff and alumni will be encouraged to engage in research resulting into knowledge and technologies that can support the growth of economy. Additionally, MUA has always recognized a need for cooperation with industry in support of research innovation and industry /community services which consists of a variety of activities.  We acknowledge your ability and invite you to bring in concepts that will help MUA progress, since you now belong to the industry.

During this dinner, the Alumni, staff, and friends from all walks of life will have an opportunity and space to express their gratitude and appreciation for what Management University of Africa has done. This can be expressed through donations and direct financial contributions to any cause of the university.

Let me assure you, Ladies and Gentlemen, that your contributions will be duly acknowledged and immortalised. The Management University of Africa shall recognize your significant contributors towards this course. We shall have a plaque with the names of all who will have significantly contributed to MUA’s Endowment fund. MUA gives special recognition to these distinct individuals as having been the first Alumna or Alumnus of the University.

Finally, may I applaud the Chancellor, Dr. Arch. Reuben Mutiso, Board of Trustees led by Dr. Peter W. Muthoka, KIM Council and Management for the support as guided by Dr. David Muturi, the Chief Executive Director and the MUA Governing Council, under the leadership of Eng. M. S.M. Kamau for the wonderful ideas and participation in ensuring the University actualizes its dreams and for organizing the Save a dream dinner. 

Once again, I would like to thank our Guests for honouring our invitation and for making this occasion a memorable one.

I wish you all an involved event and journey mercies back to your various destinations.

Thank you and God bless.

Dr. Nicholas K. Letting,



Management University of Africa

July 10, 2015