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Universities, Colleges and SACCOs have realized the benefits of adopting ICT for efficiency in operations and competitive advantage. An information system is an expensive organizational asset that needs to be utilized properly and protected to achieve its intended organizational strategic objectives. Companies have recently adopted enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems which seek to automate all the business operations including finance management, human resource, payroll and procurement. This Automation of business processes has introduced new risks to organizations through transforming the manual internal controls into automated controls. In view of this, there is a need for organizations to deeply understand how the ERP system is structured developed and the interrelationships between different modules available. The network platform on which this ERP interconnects provides opportunity for hackers to intrude the information system. The organizations need to empower the key ERP custodians/user with the necessary information system auditing skills to detect and deter any internal and external threat to the system.

The Microsoft Dynamics Ethics, Security, Fraud and Forensic training will provide these necessary skills and knowledge to users to be able execute their duties effectively and enable the ERP system achieve its intended objectives seamlessly.


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