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Advanced Fundamentals of Computer Skills and Applications (AFCSA)

Certificate Course:

Focuses on Hardware; Networking, and MS Applications. No more packages!

Why AFCSA Programme

AFCSA is the new Computer Skills game changer for people at all levels. Learning Computer skills theoretically has produced people who have no skills, and who therefore cannot get jobs or even do their own computer-based tasks in the business or office.
Advanced Fundamentals of Computer Skills and Applications - AFCSA is the most widely used computer basics programme in Asia.

It has made young people in Asia and particularly in India highly computer savvy at an early age. India is currently leading the world in technological skills and knowledge. Whether it is USA, Europe or Africa, they all look to India for highly skilled IT workforce. With a good foundation, progress becomes easier and well grounded.

The secret is in what they teach, how they train and assess, regular upgrade of content with every new technology change that comes up and engagement of highly certified trainers. Having computer knowledge that has been taught theoretically is no longer adequate. The world requires people who have learnt the skills to put that knowledge into

AFCSA programme offered by IIHT is skill based. Training is hands-on and you practice every skill, and work with all the devices in the computer labs. When you graduate, you do not need an attachment or internship. Instead, you are ready to work from day one of your job without any further training. This is the difference, and the game changer! Don’t go for theory-based courses, go for skill development, go for AFCSA!

For Who ?:

For anyone who wants to improve their basic computer skills e.g. High school graduates, those waiting to go to college so they will be able to do their first college assignment,SMEs so they can run their financial worksheets and other documents with ease; Secretaries so they can be effective and efficient at work; Business owners so they can take control of their systems and supervise better, improve efficiency and troubleshoot without seeking for IT technicians; professionals so they can improve their performance, save time and increase revenue; parents so that they can manage their affairs on computer and gain control of what their children have access to in their phones, computers, TVs etc.;

A ONE–SHOE-FIT- ALL. AFCSA focuses on: Hardware, Networking and all MS Applications.

About IIHT:

IIHT is an International Institute and is amongst Asia's top IT/ICT training organizations. It has over 250 Centers globally and is in 23 Countries. It has made a mark in hands on training producing highly qualified graduates who are able to work in their first job without the need for internships and attachments, or any further training.

It started operations in the year 1993 and has continued to grow exponentially since then. IIHT's business has grown at
40% CAGR year after year. During this phase, IIHT had been successful in carving its goodwill in the industry. As a result, some of the renowned Fortune 500 organizations rely on IIHT to cater for their manpower requirements.

Skills you will be able to perform after the course completion

1. Identify different parts of a computer and their function
2. Assembling and disassembling the computer - Hardware
3. Configure and personalize the Operating System
4. Maintain documents with MS Word for professional operations.
5. Maintain Spread sheets and perform calculations in Excel at a higher level.
6. Use the basic functions and formulas in excel for office and financial operations
7. Create professional presentations
8. Animating presentations for professionals
9. Understand about Internet and WWW
10. Know about types of browsers and how to use them
11. Search Engines.
12. Managing email Accounts
13. Configuring Outlook
14. Troubleshooting hardware and Network issues.

Jobs you will qualify for:

Junior IT Technician,
Data Entry;
Administrative Secretary;
Chat support,
Voice Process;
Documentation and back-end associate;
Operations Executive;
Junior Accountant; Basic Finance Support and more.


1. Daily quizzes are mandatory and are administered online from India.
2. Final Examination are administered online from India
3. Assessment GRADING is per India Examinations as follows:
4. A + 90-100
5. A 80-90
6. B+ 70-80
7. B 60-70
8. C 50-60

CERTIFICATE:  A Certificate will be given to those who attain a grade of C or better.


Qualification: KCSE grade of C- or above and or some knowledge of computers, or work experience
Duration: 40 hours face to face training and examinations (with extra hours needed each
day for practice)
Trainers: Highly qualified and Industry Certified trainers from IIHT India.
Delivery: All training is done HANDS-ON in our Labs
Assessment: Daily online quizzes are administered and are mandatory
Examinations: Final end of programme examination is administered online from IIHT India
Certification: A Technical Certificate is given to those who pass with a grade of C or better
Attendance: One must attend 90% of classes to get an IIHT Certificate
Tardiness: Lateness to class is not tolerated.

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