Quality Assurance Department


Quality Assurance is the process of systematically and logically monitoring and evaluating programs and processes in an institution to ensure they meet specific requirements. These can be measured through Internal or External quality systems to ensure that objectives set are met and implemented as indicated. This ensures that drawbacks are addressed to refine the objectives and ensure efficient and effective service delivery, policy or programme development.

Quality Assurance ensures the setting of measureable objectives which translates into measureable outputs. This process can be applied to all sectors in an organization such as Governance and Leadership, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Testing and Examination as well as corporate affairs. It is with this in mind the MUA Directorate of Quality Assurance was established.

The Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) is guided by the following strategic goals:

  1. To act as the core reference for all matters related to Quality Assurance within the University by providing, documents, references and guidance.
  2. To attend trainings and workshops on Quality Assurance and build capacity of Quality Assurance personnel.
  3. To be the link between MUA and other stakeholders like CUE.
  4. To monitor processes at MUA and suggests ways and means to develop and promote quality within the University.
  5. To assist departments in implementing policies and their SOPs.
  6. To manage and perform internal Quality audits.
  7. To liaise with the Accreditation and ISO Certification bodies in all matters related to accreditations

The Directorate of Quality Assurance upholds the following core values;


  1. Transparency
  2. Creativity and Innovation
  3. Integrity
  4. Effectiveness and Efficiency
  5. Social Responsibility


To ensure quality service delivery at the University, the Directorate conducts the following surveys


  1. Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation
  2. Stakeholder Satisfaction Surveys
  3. ODEL Satisfaction Survey
  4. Needs Assessment for Programme Development
  5. Conference Evaluation
  6. Graduation Evaluation


We wish to thank all the MUA fraternity for the support accorded to the department in ensuring quality of the products, processes and delivery of services through providing timely and objective feedback.