The Management University of Africa (MUA) is a premier not for profit private University situated in South C, Off Popo Road. MUA invites applications from vendors (including current suppliers) for prequalification of goods, works and services to the organization for the year 2018.



MUA/ PQ 18/ 004

Designing, branding, printing and supply of promotional materials e.g., T-shirts, caps, bags, key holders, banners, calendars, diaries, posters, banners, fliers, brochures etc.

MUA/ PQ 18/ 005

Design, printing & supply of  application forms,  certificates and transcripts

MUA/ PQ 18/ 006

Printing of examination booklets, study packs, journals and letterheads

MUA/ PQ 18/ 007

Provision of air travel and hotel reservation services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 008

Provision of assets’ insurance services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 009

Provision of assorted vehicle tyres and tyre accessories

MUA/ PQ 18/ 010

Provision of burglar proofing, door locks, alarms, search mirrors, walk through doors and CCTV services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 011

Provision of taxi services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 012

Provision of carpentry, repairs, painting, construction, renovation works,  landscaping and gardening services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 013

Provision of training & consultancy services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 014

Provision of drilling and maintenance of borehole services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 015

Provision of electrical services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 016

Provision of courier services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 017

Provision of events management services e.g. tents, chairs, tables, public address, systems, décor and related services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 018

Provision of fumigation and pest control services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 019

Provision of garbage collection services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 020

Provision of hotel, conference and restaurant services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 021

Provision of mobile communication services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 022

Provision of photocopying, binding and mobile money transfer services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 023

Provision of photography and video coverage services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 024

Provision of plumbing services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 025

Provision of service and maintenance of motor vehicles

MUA/ PQ 18/ 026

Provision of software solutions, licensing and antivirus services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 027

Provision of student clinic services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 028

Provision of  welding  Services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 029

Supply, maintenance and repair of fire alarms, extinguisher & Fire Fighting Equipment

MUA/ PQ 18/ 030

Supply and installation of signage and billboards

MUA/ PQ 18/ 031

Supply and installation of ICT equipment e.g. projectors, smartboards, projector screens, whiteboards, safes, computers, servers and laptops

MUA/ PQ 18/ 032

Supply and installation of furniture, fittings, equipment and curtains

MUA/ PQ 18/ 033

Supply and maintenance of generators, pumps, air conditioners and solar panels

MUA/ PQ 18/ 034

Supply and maintenance of water filtering services

MUA/ PQ 18/ 035

Supply of sundries e.g. tissues, hand towels

MUA/ PQ 18/ 036

Supply of certificate holders and general office stationery

MUA/ PQ 18/ 037

Supply of gowns and hoods

MUA/ PQ 18/ 038

Supply of hand-wash soap, toiletries, sanitary bins

MUA/ PQ 18/ 039

Supply of motor vehicle fuel and lubricants

MUA/ PQ 18/ 040

Supply of security accessories e.g. metal detectors, alarms, search mirrors, walk through doors, CCTV

MUA/ PQ 18/ 041

Supply of sports equipment, medals, balls and sports attire

MUA/ PQ 18/ 042

Supply of student, staff identification cards and lanyards

MUA/ PQ 18/ 043

Supply of textbooks

MUA/ PQ 18/ 044

Supply of uniforms e.g. dustcoats, protective clothing, staff uniforms

MUA/ PQ 18/ 045

Supply of water dispensers and disposable cups

MUA/ PQ 18/ 046

Supply, repair and maintenance and servicing of telecommunication equipment and accessories e.g. PABX, telephone heads

MUA/ PQ 18/ 047

Supply of kitchen consumables e.g. flours, cooking oil, sugar e.t.c

MUA/ PQ 18/ 048

Supply of perishables and dry food stuffs e.g. tomatoes, vegetables and meat products & cereals